About Tazio

Most of my paintings are abstract or non-objective paintings. I paint for the joy I find in the process of painting, approaching the canvas without any preconceived notion of subject matter. I try to paint in the moment and let the paint and my subconscious lead the way in an exploration of color and form. By disengaging my discursive mind the painting process becomes intuitive. Ideally, I paint with an empty mind towards something that is known but difficult to express with language.
-Tazio Childress

Tazio Childress

Childress had the opportunity to study with several of California’s most creative painters and film makers such as Carlos Villa, Robert Nelson, Gladys Nilsson, Frank LaPena, Phil Weidman, Bill Allan, and D.L. Thomas.

In recent years Childress has concentrated on acrylic abstract painting. His style is usually described as Abstract Expressionism but is often hard to categorize.

Taz Childress currently maintains his painting studio and residence in California’s Santa Cruz mountains.

Contacting the Artist

The artist may also be contact for purchase inquiries at: 831-426-1935.